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Question 2

How do you feel when you see all the changes in nature?
I was surprised, but happy, because in Narnia be warm and green.
Are you afraid of Aslan? Why/why not?
No, I don't.
How do I react to the White Which's behaviour?
I was happy, because in Narnia is spring and White Which not know what do to.
  1. Obey - paklusti 
  2. gallop - šuoliais
  3. nibble - apgraužti
  4. pitiful - graudus
  5. gluttony - apsirijimas

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Chapter 11

Edmund meanwhile was disappointed. When Witch said dwarf to bring the food and drink, Edmund refused it, but Witch said he must to eat. So Edmund eat food, although was so stale he could hardly get it down.The White Witch ordering Edmund to go with her to Beavers house. When Edmund and Witch driving to Beavers, he can't stop thinking about her brother and sisters. When they came to Beavers huose, Edmund brother, sisters and Beavers wasn't there. So they decite to find them.When Edmund and Witch search for them, they saw fox, which eat something. Witch Queen asked fox, what gave them food. Them asked, that food gave Father Christmas. She scared and said, that he has not been here. So, she made them statues of creatures. They decited to search Edmund brother and sisters again, but when thay went, they stuck, because around them was much snow.Witch Queen and Edmund decided went by foot. They went a long road, when saw, that  the snow melts.. "the sky became bluer and bluer, the trees began to come fully alive" This is Spring, said dwarf..