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1) Why did Aslan's creatures, that came to save Edmund, could not find the Witch?
2) What do you think Aslan told Edmund?
3) What was the Stone Table used for by the Witch?

1) I think that Aslan need Edmund, because it is legend that abaut 4 kids save Narnia from The White Which.
2)I think Aslan said that The Witch is bad and he must don't believe her.
3)To kill Aslan.


  1. Snarl - urzgimas
  2. Fulfil - ivykdyti 
  3. Scornfully - ižeidžia
  4. Bargaining - sandėris
  5. Renounce - atsisakyti 

Chapter 13

By this time, Edmund is very tired. The White Witch pauses her sledge in a dark valley shadowed with fir trees and yew trees, and Edmund lays on the ground face-down, beyond hunger and thirst, and too tired to care what will happen to him. The Dwarf and the Witch discuss what they should do next, and the Witch ultimately decides to kill Edmund, though the proper place for such a killing seems to be on the Stone Table.
At that moment, the wolf arrives with the news that Maugrim, his captain, has been killed, and the Witch orders the wolf to summon all of her people to her. She quickly prepares to slaughter one of the four humans needed to fulfill the prophecy. Edmund is tied to a tree, and the Witch begins to whet a knife. Suddenly, they hear a commotion. The Witch screams, and then disappears, and Edmund faints.Edmund is carried back to the Stone Table by the light of the moon. The search party that Aslan had sent, however, can't figure out what happened to the Witch. Back in the valley, a stump and a boulder change back into the Witch and her Dwarf: she had used magic to transform them just as the knife was knocked from her hand. In the morning, when the children awaken, they see Aslan and Edmund walking together, deep in conversation. Although readers never learn what, exactly, is said, "it was a conversation Edmund never forgot." Aslan brings Edmund to the children and states, "there is no need to talk to him about what is past." Edmund tells each of the others that he is sorry, and Peter, Susan and Lucy answer that it is all right, though they all want to say something more to express how they feel.The Witchs Dwarf then arrives with the message that the Queen of Narnia seeks an audience with Aslan. He agrees to meet with her, and sends two leopards along with the Dwarf to ensure that the Witch leaves her wand behind. Lucy whispers to Peter worriedly that the Witch may change the leopards into stone; but Peter assures her that Aslan wouldn't have sent them if it wasn't all right.When the Witch arrives, everyone around her suddenly feels cold. She points at Edmund and declares that he is "a traitor" and, hence, his blood is her property. She states that according to the Deep Magic written on the Stone Table the World Ash Tree, and the scepter of the Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea: "every traitor belongs to me as my lawful prey and that for every treachery I have the right to kill." Mr. Beaver angrily reveals that the Witch had been the Emperors hangman. When a bull threatens the Witch with force, she snarls: "do you really think your master can rob me of my rights with mere force?" Lucy implores Aslan to figure out a way to work against the Deep Magic, but Aslan tells her that the idea is unthinkable. The Magic, it seems, is what governs them all.Aslan then takes the Witch aside, and they confer together. The children wait, wondering what they could be talking about, and Lucy begins crying. Aslan finally returns, and the matter appears to have been settled. The Witch, he states, has renounced her claim on Edmund. The Witch goes on her way, a look of "fierce joy" branded across her face. She turns to Aslan to ask him one last time how she will know that his promise will be kept, and Aslan growls angrily in response, frightening her away.

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I think yes, because they now must kill White Witch and Aslan said that children will be kings.

  1. Bugle - ragas
  2. Dense - tankus, tirštas
  3. Faint - nualpti
  4. Smeared - išteptas
  5. Blame - kaltė