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Chapter 12

While the dwarf and the White Witch were saying this, miles away the Beavers and the children were  walking on hour after hour into what seemed a delicious dream. They know that the Witch would no longer be able to use her sledge, but they didn't hurry so much. They were tired of course. Beavers and the children  reach the place of the Stone Table. Mr Beaver said that not long need to go and they began leading them uphill across some very deep. The sea was middle of  this open hill-top, stones was looked very old and there was very cut all over with strange lines and figures that might. They heard a sound of music and they turning in that direction and they see Aslan stood in the centre. There was Tree-Women and Well-Women and there was unicorn, a great Dog and two leopards. Peter advanced to the Lion and said " We have come ". Aslan greeted with all children and Beavers. Aslan ask " There is the fourth?" and Mr Beaver said that he joined with the Whitle Witch. Then Aslan said that ladies to the pavilion and minister to them. Peter was with Aslan. Aslan said to Peter that he will be High King. Peter heard something strange, it was like bugle. Aslan said that ishis sister horn, but Peter did not understand. Then Aslan said " Let the Prince win his spurs! ". Lucy was running towards from Naiads and Dryads and Susan make a dash for a free, followed by huge grey beast. Peter didn't feel very brave. He rushed straight up to the monster and aimed a slash of his sword at its side. Later monster lying ded and everything was blood. Susan came down the tree. They felt pretty shaky. Aslan said that Peter forgotten to clean him sword. The sword was all smeared with the Wolf's hair and blood.