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The chronicles of Narnia : Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Susan, Lucy, Peter and Mr Beaver bagan to prepare themselves into coats, but Mrs Beaver started to picking up sacks, food and necessary things. Kids understook why Mrs Beaver doing it, but she explained, that the trip will be long and tiring. When everyone came out in outside then, the snow had stopped. As Mrs Beaver said thet trip will be long and tiring, as it was. Lucy was so tired that she was almost asleep and walking at the same time when suddenly she found that Mr Beaver had turned away from the river-bang to the right and was leading them uphill. Beaver is old hiding-place in bad times. Mrs Beaver took some kind medicine and give it kids, from that medicine they feel deliciously warm and after few seconds everyone went straight to sleep. Everyone wake up when they heard sound of jingling bells. Mr Beaver was outside and called everyone. And when they come out they saw sledge, few brown reindeer with bells on their harness. It was Santa Claus.  He brought a little gifts for children. For Lucy he gave a little bottle of what looked like glass and a small dagger. For Susan he handed her a bow and a quiver full arrows and a little ivory horn. For Peter he gave a shield and a sword.
Santa wished them good luck and went further.


1.I probably would choose a scene when Edmund painted lion glasses and whiskers. : )
2. Words: 1. reckoned;2. hilt;3. shiver;4.chimed;5. collar.

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